The Revealers by Amanda Marrone

I am so glad…you don’t even know…that this book was good. I saw so much potential in her first book, Uninvited, and was so disappointed that I just had to go out and find her newest release. I know, it’s not typical to keep reading an author that you are disappointed in, but sometimes you have to suck it up and try again.

I wrote a pretty ugly review of her first novel, but here I would like to only say how much I liked it.

I don’t know that I want to give away any of the plot or plot twists. Let’s just say that the book is about a group of witches, young girls, that are about to turn 18. Each girl is excited to learn the secret of the coven on their 18th birthday, wanting to know why they have so many traditions to follow and why there are big consequences if they are challenged.

As each girl in turn becomes 18, they learn the secrets of the coven and have to face the challenges that lay ahead of them. Will they stick to the traditions of their mothers or will they go against the coven and regret it?

It’s a short read, but well worth it. It kept me wanting to know more throughout. One thing I do want to say is, the main girl in the story, Jules, I wanted to know more about her relationship with Connor, boyfriend and coven leaders son.

Untamed by P.C. and Kristin Cast

I really enjoyed this book. It has so much more action…well I guess I can call it “action” in it. We finally get the red fledglings out in the open and get to see what they are going to do for the rest of the series. I love how the story has unfolded throughout the series. Each book gives you a piece of the puzzle, but not everything and keeps you wanting more. What will happen next, is the greatest ending to any novel. If a reader keeps asking that throughout and especially at the end of a novel then you know that you have hooked them.

I really don’t want to give out all of the secrets of this book or the series. I want people to have a first hand experience with the characters and the elements throughout the books. In saying that, I will not make any comments on what I think might happen in the next book, Hunted, or the past books.

If you’re looking for a great read about vampires and witchcraft, then this is definitely the series to read. I’ve read so many different angles on vampires and witches and for this to have a little of both and be so darn good is amazing. The order of the House of Night novels: Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed and Hunted…so far. Go to your library or bookstore and pick it up. It’s worth it!!!

Betrayed by P.C. and Kristin Cast

I’m really enjoying this series. Not only is it great to actually know the places that are talked about in the book, but I have actually been to some of these places. I think that is so cool. It definitely makes the mental images that I get more vivid. And to be totally honest not only is it awesome to be able to visualize everything so well…but also it’s just a really good read. I definitely like the idea of “witchy” vampires that are connected to the earth. Makes me wish I could have come up with this idea. The writing is well done, the pace is good, and the imagery is excellent. What else can I ask for in a book? I can want it to be set in an area I semi know. Oh hey, that’s exactly what this book is. It’s just great. It makes me wonder why I haven’t read it sooner. I’ve had it on my bookshelves for over 4 months now. I did the same thing with Marked, I waited forever to read it and totally loved it.

I’m not going to do an indepth review on the book. I’m just going to hit some main highlights, ones that totally caught me, even though I kind of saw it coming even though the characters didn’t.




OMG! I can’t believe they killed off her best friend!! Poor Stevie Rae!!! She was the only one out of the friends, not bfs, that understood her!! I was so sad!!! I wanted to cry for her, and I’m not one to cry at books or movies!


Another OMG! Obviously I know nothing about have bloodlust or anything vampyric, but how could she let herself get in the car with Heath and then drink from him!! She knows that it would only strengthen her bond!!! How in the world she’s going to be able to break that (if she even wants to) is beyond me. Hopefully he doesn’t die on her too!

And what about drop dead gorgeous Erik Night? He’s smart, beautiful, nice, handsome, understanding…need I say more? He’s freaking hott!! hehehe How can you not at least tell him what is going on? I mean he deserves that at least. And then she goes and starts flirting heavily with Loren. Someone has a lot of decisions to make, and I’m glad that I get to “watch” her make them instead of having to make those decisions myself!!

I am so going out and buying Chosen  this week!!!