So, I totally stole this from another site…but so worth it.



I have had two blogs for a long time…and well, I don’t see the point any more. I was trying to keep this one strictly for book reviews, but I’m kind of tired of trying to do two. So, I’m meshing them both and I’ll see what comes from it!! I hope I can keep up and hopefully it will all work out.

Not only will there be book reviews, but I’ll have a little bit of everything on here. Music, movies, videos, and artists that I like. I think I should have been doing this from the beginning, but oh well. Live and learn, right?

Here’s to new things and taking a chance!!

I’m going to be putting up some older posts on this blog that seemed to be really popular on my other blog…so they may be a bit outdated, but at least people will be able to find them!