Ballad: A Gathering of Faerie by Maggie Stiefvater

So, I have to begin with something negative…

The first was sooooo much better! I was kind of disappointed in this book! It didn’t seem to have as much action and movement or flow as Lament.


I enjoyed the new faeries. I liked having the viewpoint of Nuala and James, instead of Dee and Luke. The only thing I was confused about though, and this may be that I just didn’t remember the ending of Lament, how Dee could think that Luke was still alive. She chose James at the end. I guess it’s that idea or wish that your true love never dies. Eh, a little sappy. Maybe that’s why I didn’t get it at first. Oh Vell.

On another note…I absolutely LOVE Stiefvater’s Wolves of Mercy Falls Series. The first in the series is Shiver. If you’re looking for a Twilight-ish book about just wolves…this is even better. I’m a fan of Twilight and all…but these are so much more well written! The next in the series is Linger and will be out in July of 2010.


Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

I have to say, I haven’t waited for what seemed to be…forever…in a long time. Not even with Harry Potter was I looking forward to seeing what happened at the end. Breaking Dawn was more than what I was expecting in a lot of ways…but then it was less than what I was expecting in some ways too.

I won’t say that I’m disappointed in the book, because I’m not. I guess I’m just disappointed or a better word would be sadden that it ended the way it did.

OK. That’s all of my non spoiler review. So…here is my

~~~Spoiler Alert~~~

~~~Spoiler Alert~~~

I loved the fact that Stephenie Meyer made it possible for Edward and Bella to have a kid. That was awesome. The one thing that kind of made it hard to believe was the fact that Bella was able to live after birth. When the half breed from South America tells his story, his mother is basically torn apart from his birth. No matter how much vampire venom Edward used, it’s not very believable that Bella would be able to survive that.  But  I’m glad that she did.

I loved that Bella had a very rare and unique extra gift after turning into a vampire. We all knew it would happen, we just didn’t know which gift it would be and how strongly it would present itself. This part I think came out to be excellent. It wasn’t really what everyone expected and it worked well within the storyline. It was believable.

I thought it was absolutely genius, and I say this because I have somewhat of a perverted mind, at all the sexual innuendos that were  apart of this book. In the past three books we get little hints, but here it’s full out game on with the sexual flirtation. I especially loved the part when Emmett and Rosalie were joking about not being out of bed for a decade. That was pretty funny. Could you imagine that? That would be some kind of loving going on there. Hehehehe! 🙂

O.K. now with my not so good comments. I understand that Stephenie Meyer wanted to end the book on a happy note. We all want a happily ever after for Edward and Bella and Jacob and Renesmee. BUT and this is a huge but…Where did all the action go? I was so hoping for a huge fight with the Volturi. I wanted the Cullens and Fam. to kick some major Volturi ass and end up being the strongest coven out there. It all ended so peacefully and serene, it was pretty unbelievable. All that tension and anger and it seems to just vanish into thin air. If the story was getting too long for that kind of a fight scene, I think the book should have been broken into two. We would have loved for there to be another book in the saga. We could have handled it. Some of us would have even obsessed about it.

Speaking of another book. I don’t want to raise hopes or anything, but it seems to me that there was plenty of room left for more books. Almost like there would be a branch off. Like a story about Jacob and Renesmee’s life. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Oh, and another speaking of…Jacob. I felt so sorry for him. I didn’t feel like he got to do much in this book but babysit Renesmee. Although he really didn’t seem to mind that at all. But still…it’s only fair that he have a book of his own. And that he actually have a happy ending at the least. I totally guessed, once Bella was pregnant, that Jacob would imprint on the baby. I’m that good. hehehe

Oh…one last thought. Who knew that Jacob wasn’t actually a werewolf? Kinda cool I think. Being a shapeshifter and all.

Let me know your thoughts!!

Team Cullen!