The Tequila Worm by Viola Canales

Title: The Tequila Worm

Author: Viola Canales

Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books

Published Date: 2005

Sofia is of Mexican American decent. She lives in a small barrio in southern Texas. Even though the family has lived in American for generations, they still hold their Mexican traditions. Sofia is an average teenager. Second guessing who she is, who she wants to be and who outsiders see her as. Growing up with a different culture than those around her is hard. She is always asking why she has to be different. It isn’t until she goes to a boarding school that she realizes that what she has is everything she could ever want.

Loved this story. There is so much Mexican culture detailed in this story that I would have never known about on my own. Yet, this story could have been my life. Every child feels like they are somehow different from everyone else. To be placed in an area where your family’s culture is different as well, makes growing up that much harder.

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Rogue by Rachel Vincent

I’ve been looking forward to this book ever since I read Stray. I haven’t been waiting for nothing. It was awesome. It was everything I remembered from the first book, yet even better. Yay for good sequels. I can’t wait until the next one Pride comes out in the fall!!!

So, in this book we follow Faythe in yet another one of her adventures. She’s promised her dad (and Alpha) that she will fulfill her commitment of 2 and a half years with the pride and after that who knows. Her dad is priming her to take over the pride and she doesn’t know whether she likes that or not. She’s definitely a strong female that all males (werecat, human, or other) should be afraid to mess with.

Faythe and her ex-fiance have made up and are now back to being a couple (as strained as that is) until he finds out some things that she’s been hiding from him. Faythe has been receiving phone calls from her ex human boyfriend (Andrew) from college. At first she doesn’t understand why he’s so upset with her. She knows that she left him without saying goodbye, but she did it for his good.

Across the prides territory(south-central) there have been strays that have been turning up dead with broken necks. Faythe has to confront her fears of getting too involved with the pride and being an enforcer and learn to do what’s necessary to keep the pride safe. She also has to figure out who is killing these strays and what connection that has with Andrew calling her.







I have to say that I was pretty shocked to discover that Andrew was turned by Faythe with a small nip on the ear in the heat of passion. I remember her being able to half shift (or whatever they call it), but it never came to me that she could actually change him in that half state. I was even more surprised that in the end she ends up having to kill Andrew to save her and several other of the werecats lives. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t predict the entire outcome of the book.