Sundays with Rena

For one of my classes I not only have to do book reviews, but also host a topic each week. I’ve been racking my brain thinking of what I want to do. Finally, I came up with this, Sundays with Rena, to talk about topics from class and even things that I think of on my own. Please feel free to let me know your opinions as well.

Today’s Topic:

Why do I read?

This is a tough question. There is no one reason that I love reading. I read because I enjoy it. I read because it’s an outlet. I read as a distraction. I read to get away from my world. I read to see life from a new perspective. I read to enter new and different worlds. I read to learn. I read when I’m bored. I read because I can.

I have had friends ask me this question. Why do you read so much? And I never knew how to respond to that question, because I always thought it had to have one answer. There is not one answer for this question. The same for people that don’t like to read. I bet they have more than one answer to why they don’t like it.  It’s so much more than escaping the real world.

The real world sometimes equals bad. Yes, these might be times that I would want to escape that. Who wouldn’t? But reading is so much more than a therapy. I don’t like reading books that are too much like the real world. I don’t want to face those types of evils that could possibly happen in my life. That doesn’t mean that those books aren’t good. If those books help people then I think that’s great. They’re just not for me. I don’t like feeling worse. This also means that I like books that have positive endings. Yes, I know that’s not realistic. HELLO! I’m reading a work of fiction. Make me happy! Haha.

What have I learned from reading? The biggest thing I’ve learned is perspective. Other people’s perspective. This is a big thing. A lot of people only think of things one way. It’s great being able to see it one way and then think about another person and how they might think of that same thing. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still pretty opinionated. I just realize now that my opinion isn’t the only one or the correct one. Yes, I’m a woman and I can be wrong. I admit it. 🙂 Just maybe not too often!

Reading is a lot of things to me. I’m pretty sure it’s a lot of things to a lot of people. And probably not the same as it is to me. And that’s okay. I would actually like to know what reading is to you. Please comment below and help me see your perspective on reading and the world of books.