Eloise Greenfield

Who would have thought I would actually find some good poetry at the library? Haha Whowouldathunkit?

I had a customer check out this awesome book called Honey, I Love and other poems by Eloise Greenfield. I couldn’t help, but take a look inside when I saw it. There are awesome sketches inside as well as awesome poetry. The customer talked to me for a minute about the book and let me kind of read through it. I found this awesome poem:

Way Down in the Music

I get way down in the music
Down inside the music
I let it wake me
take me
Spin me around and make me
Uh-get down

Inside the sound of the Jackson Five
Into the tune of Earth, Wind and Fire
Down in the bass where the beat comes from
Down in the horn and down in the drum
I get down
I get down

I get way down in the music
Down inside the music
I let it wake me
take me
Spin me around and shake me
I get down, down
I get down

The beat is awesome!! Reminds me of Langston Hughes poetry and how he would recite his work with jazz in the background. Love it!!


C.S. Lewis

What can be better tan C.S. Lewis and a poem about Ireland? NOTHING! Hope you enjoy!

Irish Nocturne

Now the grey mist comes creeping up

From the waste ocean’s weedy strand

And fills the valley, as a cup

If filled of evil drink in a wizard’s hand;

And the trees fade out of sight,

Like dreary ghosts unhealthily,

Into the damp, pale night,

Till you almost think that a clearer eye could see

Some shape come up of a demon seeking apart

His meat, as Grendel sought in Harte

The thanes that sat by the wintry log—

Grendel or the shadowy mass

Of Balor, or the man with the face of clay,

The grey, grey walker who used to pass

Over the rock-arch nightly to his prey.

But here at the dumb, slow stream where the willows hang,

With never a wind to blow the mists apart,

Bitter and bitter it is for thee. O my heart,

Looking upon this land, where poets sang,

Thus with the dreary shroud

Unwholesome, over it spread,

And knowing the fog and the cloud

In her people’s heart and head

Even as it lies for ever upon her coasts

Making them dim and dreamy lest her sons should ever arise

And remember all their boasts;

For I know that the colourless skies

And the blurred horizons breed

Lonely desire and many words and brooding and never a deed.

Edgar Allan Poe

One of the most famous poets and one of the best. I couldn’t pass up having at least one of Poe’s poems on my list. I know there are the usual famous poems like “the Raven” and “Annabel Lee”, but I of course have a different favorite. I truly think that Poe is my all time favorite poet, but then again that might change. I have been compared to Poe by some of the people I have actually let read my poetry. I could only dream and wish that I am anywhere close to being as good. But I’ll take that compliment whenever I can get one!! Haha! Hope you enjoy this poem and hopefully you will take a moment and look into more of his work.


        From childhood's hour I have not been
        As others were; I have not seen
        As others saw; I could not bring
        My passions from a common spring.
        From the same source I have not taken
        My sorrow; I could not awaken
        My heart to joy at the same tone;
        And all I loved, I loved alone.
        Then- in my childhood, in the dawn
        Of a most stormy life- was drawn
        From every depth of good and ill
        The mystery which binds me still:
        From the torrent, or the fountain,
        From the red cliff of the mountain,
        From the sun that round me rolled
        In its autumn tint of gold,
        From the lightning in the sky
        As it passed me flying by,
        From the thunder and the storm,
        And the cloud that took the form
        (When the rest of Heaven was blue)
        Of a demon in my view.

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