Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

In this new serious out by the author of Moon Called , Blood Bound and Iron Kissed, we get a whole new twist on Samuel’s brother Charles and the entire werewolf pack. Charles saved Anna from her pack in Chicago, where she was beaten, raped, and humiliated. Anna is known as an Omega wolf, one that cannot be submissive or an alpha. She is very rare and something the wolves cherish. Charles and Anna now have to work through the fact that their wolves have mated, yet they don’t really know each other that well.

Anna has a hard time trusting anyone, yet her wolf tells her that she can trust fully in Charles. She has been beaten to the point of fearing any man, yet she still has the strength to live even though she was so badly abused. Bran, Charles’ father and Marrok of all packs, believes that she will bring peace to his pack and to Charles.

Of course nothing goes smoothly and there is a rogue werewolf killing people and animals in Bran’s territory. Charles, his assassin and enforcer, is sent out to find the rogue and take care of him. Anna, not knowing what she is getting herself into asks to come along. Bran allows this, thinking it will bring Anna and Charles closer together. Little did he know that it would not only bring Charles and Anna closer, but the entire pack is endanger of dying.

Rogue werewolves, witches, spirits, and crazy wolves all come together in this new series to make it action packed. You will keep reading into the wee hours of the night, wanting to know what happens to everyone and how the outcome finally resolves. This is definitely a page turner.

I actually liked the action and storyline a little better in this series than the Mercedes Thompson series. But I say that right after reading this book. Who knows, after the next in the Mercedes series I may have switched my tune.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

 I’ve had this book on my shelf ever since it’s come out and I just haven’t had the time to read it. All I have to say is, damn, I should have picked it up sooner. I LOVED this book. OMG I can’t even put into words how great this book is. I can’t wait for the sequel Frostbite to come out.

I’m not one to give out spoilers, I just want to put a small summary up. I did want to say that I really like Richelle Mead’s writing style. It flows well and it seems that she really digs into the worlds that she creates. I’ve read both Succubus Blues and Succucbus on Top (which I have a review up for) and all of them are so detailed and just great. You really get sucked into the action and actually understand and feel what the characters are doing and saying.

Rose and Lissa are the best of friends. Lissa is a royal in the Moroi society and Rose is training to become her guardian. The Moroi’s are full “blooded” vampires, while their guardians are vampire/human mix called dhampir’s. Rose and Lissa have escaped the vampire and dhampir school (Saint Vladimir’s Academy in Montana) and are on the run. They not only have to watch out for the officals of the school that are looking for them, but for the Strigoi (vampires that have turned bad that take blood from Moroi instead of human “feeders”).

They get caught by the school and are sent back. They are on probation and have to reassimilate into the school society where they are looked on as outcasts. Lissa has developed a special bond with Rose that lets Rose feel her emotions and even lets her share her thoughts. Lissa begins getting dead animals left with her at random moments. They don’t know who is doing it or for what reason. Rose wants to escape with Lissa again to run from the trouble that they are sure to find staying at the school. The only thing that keeps her there is the threat of not being able to protect Lissa if needed and also her trainer, Dimitri.

Rose and Lissa have many changes and rough times to go through. They have to find out who is sending Lissa dead animals and what they want. Plus, Lissa’s special powers are turning on her and they need to find out how to control them.

I recommend this book to any vamp lovers. It’s a totally different version of the usual vamp story and has a kick-ass female heroine.