Marked by PC and Kristin Cast

I have to say that I’ve been reading the books that have been sitting around my house lately and all I can wonder is what took me so long to actually pick up these books? This is the second book I’ve picked up that I have completely fell in love with and can’t wait to get my hands on the next book. Luckily, I don’t have to wait long, because the next two in the series is already written and out there waiting for me to pick them up! And believe me, I’m getting them as fast as I can. I want to know what happens!

Ok, so on with the actual book and not my reaction to it!

I loved the fact that the setting takes place in Oklahoma. Yes, that’s where I am. I would rather it be set in the OKC area instead of the Broken Arrow/Tulsa area, but heck there aren’t that many books out there that even recognize that Oklahoma is in the 21st century. And here’s a book that not only takes place in Oklahoma, but is centered around vampires and a society where vampires are “marked” by a goddess and then taken to a school to learn all about vampyrism.

Zoey has the best life. She’s on/off dating the high school quarterback and has a great best friend. Everything is going pretty good, but she feels like there is something missing. She doesn’t really want to be with her boyfriend anymore and her best friend is getting on her nerves. And then BAM! She walks to her locker after school and there waiting for her is a vampyr tracker. He locks on her and “marks” her with the cresent tattoo that symbolizes the goddess Nyx. This immediately upsets her best friend and she runs away.

Zoey realizes that her life will never be the same again. She goes home to ask her mom what they can do, but is received with shock and humilation from her mom. Her stepdad decides to pray for her and thinks that she is an abomination. She escapes her house and flees to find her Grandmother who is the only one that has ever understood her.

She arrives at her Grandmother’s house and finds a note telling her that she is in the fields surrounding the house. Her grandmother owns land that grows lavender flowers/plants. On her way up the trail to her grandmother she looses her balance and hits her head. Zoey then has an out of body experience that has her meet the goddess Nyx in spiritual form. The goddess places a kiss on her forhead where the “mark” is located and tells her that she is special.

Zoey ends up at The House of Night, the vampyr school. Her grandmother had found her and knew right off what she was becoming and where to take her. Here, Zoey has to face the challenges of becoming vampyr, her new enemy Ambrosia, and her new powers that could make her the most powerful High Priestess of Nyx ever in vampyr history.

Read this book! It is awesome!!!