The Maze of Bones: the 39 Clues by Rick Riordan

I wasn’t going to do it…but I went out and bought the book anyway. I’m obsessed with finding the clues and I just had to read the book. I read it in a couple of hours…that should tell you something.

The Cahill family is said to be the greatest family in the history of the world. Those that know about this are split into four different Cahill groups. The names are Lucian, Tomas, Janus, and Ekaterina. The family has a secret and it’s a dangerous one.

40 members of the Cahill family are invited to Grace Cahill’s Will reading. William McIntyre is Grace’s attorney(…) and gives the family a choice. Either take the inheritance money found under their seats, $1,000,000.00 or choose to forfeit that money and go on a quest for the Cahill family secret. The quest is dangerous, filled with clues, and only one person/team will win.

The Teams:

Dan and Amy Cahill lost their parents when they were really young. Dan, 11, and Amy, 14, have had to live with their Aunt Beatrice. Aunt Beatrice gives them enough money to just make it by and they are considered the poor side of the family.

Alistair Ohis the oldest in the game. He knows more than any of the others and is willing to team up with any of the others just to get further ahead. He’s tricky old man.

Ian and Natalie Kabra┬ámake up another team. They represent the rich and English side of the Cahills. They are arrogant and nasty. They will kill, maim, and dismember to get what they want. They forge alliances at random, but that doesn’t make them trustworthy.

The Holts are a family of braggarts. They all look like they should be gladiators. They are coordinated like a team, Dad acts as coach and the family follows all orders. They are a tricky bunch and their favorite color is purple.

Irina Spasky makes up one of the most dangerous teams. Ex-KGB member and known killer. She will do anything to get what she wants and the 39 clues are what she wants. Poisoned fingernails are just a sample of the viciousness arsenal she packs. Known to be a Lucian.

Jonah Wizard is the resident star. He has a finger in every market. Started as a reality t.v. star on Who Wants to be a Gangsta? and now does movies, music, and even books.

These are the players. But only one will win. In this book, we follow Dan and Amy Cahill, Grace’s favorite family members. Dan and Amy are the two least likeliest people to be up for an action packed adventure. They could really use the money, but they are tired of being the laughingstocks of the family.

Danger, near-death experiences, riddles, and fake allegiances pack this book with more drama than an episode of The Hills. Who will make it out alive? Who will win the mysterious clues to become one of the most influential and powerful person in the world today?

I really enjoyed reading this. I didn’t want to put it down. I just had to know how it ended and what the first clue was. Unfortunately I had been playing the online game before I read the book and knew the answer before I started reading. But that’s o.k.

If I were the right age for this…teen…then I would be in love. As it is, I’m 25 and in love, but I can’t win any of the prizes. So…all you teens out there…I have the first clue and if you need help solving any of the cards, I’m your woman. TRUST ME