Repossessed by A.M. Jenkins

Wow! This was an interesting read. I absolutely loved it. The narrator had a hysterical voice full of cynicism and wit. I loved the idea that a demon could possess a human body and actually learn from it. Kiriel, the demon, learned emotions, senses and how to be human. When Kiriel first crossed over to Earth, he was naive and somewhat whimsical. All he wanted to do was to experience physical human senses. The longer he was in Shaun’s body, he began to experience lust, greed, envy, and more than the seven deadly sins. He knew his time on Earth was limited, and soon began to feel the need to leave his mark on the world. This is an human trait that he picked up. All in all the moral to this story is one that runs through many; The Grass is always greener on the otherside and one must always be themselves no matter what the consequences. (In his case, meaning being a creature of hell)

Succubus on Top by Richelle Mead

I love paranormal fiction and this was one of the best ones that I’ve read. Yes, it has a lot of romance in it and I’ve always said that I prefer my reads to be paranormal with a little romance rather than romance with a little bit of paranormal, but it works in this novel. Plus this was more half and half anyway.

Georgina Kincaid is a succubus with moral ethics. She’s supposed to be one of the bad guys, but in reality, she does more good then harm. In this sequel, we get to see her relationship with Seth develop and also get to sneak a peek into her past when a long time friend comes to town for a visit. Along with her friend from the past, comes trouble. Trouble seems to follow Georgina wherever she goes. She has to find a way to keep her friend from being sent to the outskirts and to help her co-workers battle a drug that makes them think they are gods.

I really enjoyed this chapter in the series. We get to learn about the realm of gods and different religions and how they all play into Richelle Mead’s world. She plays with the idea that gods, demons, spirits and all things supernatural from different religions and cultures exist, but only if they are still believed in. The more you believe in one deity, the more power that deity will gain.

Biting the Bullet by Jennifer Rardin

The third installment of the Jaz Parks novels! I love this series and cannot wait for the 4th one to come out.

This time around, Jaz has to face the toughest assignment yet. Not only does she have to deal with her new abilites “spiritual eye”, but she is called in to work alongside none other than her twin brother David. Ever since Jaz failed to rescue David’s wife from their last mission together, she has regretted having to face her twin and face the fact that she had lost so many people that were close to her.

The mission this time is for Jaz, Vayl, and the crew to scope out David’s regime to find a mole that has infiltrated their close knit group. As Jaz finds it harder and harder to confront her twin and see how any of his men could be a mole, Jaz finds herself swept up in a hellish nightmare. She gets sent to hell, were she finds out that the demons that she has been looking to kill have marked her. Not only does she find out that she has a bounty on her head, but also gets a shock when she sees her mother is in hell. Worried more about getting rid of the demon mark, then saving her abusive mother from hell; Jaz needs to find a way to save herself, her twin and manage to save the mission without getting fired.

I loved this book. It has so many layers that it just keeps you hooked. There is so much going on and so many things that need to get done by the end that you really are at the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens. Of course, It may just be that having the cramps from hell, I really delved into this book trying to take my focus away from the pain. Anywho, I loved it and can’t wait ’til the next one. Which shouldn’t be too far down the line.

The other two in the series before this are:

Once Bitten Twice Shy

Another One Bites the Dust

Both are excellent, so go to your local library/bookstore and read these fabulous books!

(Can you tell I’m still in pain? Why oh why must I be a woman!?! LOL)