The 39 Clues…the game

If you haven’t noticed I’m a little obsessed. I’m totally having fun with this and want to share it with you. The website is http:/

There are playing cards that you buy and add to your online profile. Each card has a mini riddle that you must solve and will eventually open another clue. There are also riddles given by the site. There are 6 teams in the book, but in actuality there are many more. YOU are a team and if you are between the ages of 6 and 14 can win prizes.

The Players

Dan Cahill

Amy Cahill

Alistair Oh

Irina Spasky

Jonah Wizard

The Holts

Ian and Natalie Kabra


The Website

The Book                 The Cards

The Eligiable (to win)

Entry in any contest or sweepstakes is only open to participants who, as of December 31, 2008, will be no younger than 6 and no older than 14 years old and are legal residents of the United States, Australia, Canada (Excluding Quebec), Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, or the United Kingdom.

But remember…this is only for the prizes. Any age can play.

p.s. If you click on the pictures you can make them bigger!