Show Way by Jacqueline Woodson

Title: Show Way

Author: Jacqueline Woodson

Illustrator: Hudson Talbott

Publisher: G.P. Putnams Sons

Published Date: 2005

This is the story of Woodson’s family line on her mother’s side. It starts out with her great-grandmother Soonie’s great-grandmother. The women were sold as children to slave owner’s and learned how to sew quilts. These quilts were picture maps on how other slaves could get from the South to the North and be free. Each woman learned the craft and it was taught generation to generation up until Ms. Woodson teaches her daughter. It also follows history of slavery to civil war to civil rights to today.

Awesome story about the history of slavery and tradition. Although the quilts are no longer needed to get slaves to freedom, the tradition of the quilts are still passed on and make a living. Each woman learning to become stronger and wiser as the generations go on. No words can describe how great of a story this is. The illustrations are amazing as well. The images tell a story all of their own, yet complete the story that is told. Remarkable.

Happy Reading!



Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco

Title: Pink and Say

Author: Patricia Polacco

Illustrator: Patricia Polacco

Publisher: Philomel Books

Published Date: 1994


My first thoughts after reading this book…WOW!

This story is narrated by Sheldon “Say” Curtis, a white Union soldier from Ohio. Say was hurt during the Civil War and was laying in a field dying before Pinkus “Pink” Aylee crossed his path and took him back to his former master’s house. Pink’s mother Moe Moe Bay nursed Say back to health. Pink, Say and Moe Moe Bay became a family while they were living together. All was going well, Pink and Say were healing. Pink and Say knew they were dangerous for Moe Moe Bay to have around and were arranging plans to meet up with an Union brigade when a group of Confederate maurauders came busting through their land. Moe Moe Bay wanted to save the two boys, so she had them hide in the root cellar. The maurauders ransacked the shack and on their way out Pink and Say heard one gunshot. By the time they reached her, Moe Moe Bay was dead. Pink and Say then headed out to find the Union brigade and on their way were stopped by the Confederate army. They were both shipped off to Andersonville, an infamous camp for prisoners of war. Say was released from the camp a few months later and was sent home to recover. He eventually got married and lived a long life. Pink was said to have been hung a few hours after entering Andersonville. The story was told generation to generation until Polacco put the story down in this book.

This story was very powerful. It is classified as an Easy book for children, but it could be read by any age. Not only did Polacco write the story, but also did the illustrations for the book. Both together make a magical story of friendship and family┬áin one of the hardest times to have an interracial relationship. I literally said “Wow” right after I red this. It is amazing. I hope more people take the time to read this book.

Happy Reading!