Bumped by Megan McCafferty

First off, Congrats on the first “official YA” book. Not only is this an awesome fun read, but it made you think. And I read the whole thing in one day! That has to count for something!!

I really enjoyed this novel. At first I was shocked that it was about teens and pre-teens having sex to make babies. It was just, WHOA! But like all great dystopian novels, it reeled me in. I do think this is the first dystopian novel I’ve read that actually wasn’t dark. It was light and funny at times. A major plus!

Throughout the reading, I switched back and forth on which type I would be. At first, I’m thinking, no way. I would totally be a churchie. And then I thought, well, wait a minute, I’m not a churchie now…why would I be then? So, I thought…would I be an amateur or professional? An amateur seemed like they bumped not only for the pregg, but also for the pleasure. But a professional did it only for the money. Could I really have sex with a stranger? Hmmmm…And then all I could think was, OMG why am I thinking like this? I don’t know that I would be any of them. I’m 28 right now and it really made me think about if I do want kids now and how I would feel if the world’s population was low would I do it just to repopulate the world? I love when books make me think!

The VERY bestest part of the book though, was the language. I love when author’s make up their own language. It was a little hard at first, but once you got it, it was easy. I caught myself thinking like that a few hours afterwards. It reminded me a lot of Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series, which was awesome, but Bumped had it’s own twists to the language.

Note to Author: Please, please, please…tell me that there will be a sequel! You totally left us hanging!