American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

Title: American Born Chinese

Author: Gene Luen Yang

Color: Lark Pien

Publisher: First Second

Published Date: 2006

This graphic novel intertwines three separate tales. The first tale is about the Monkey King. The second about Jin Wang. And the third about Danny. The Monkey King thinks he is ruler of the world. He should be allowed into heaven because he is so great. When he is denied entry into heaven as a god because he is a monkey, he throws a huge fit. Jin Wang was born in American and thinks of himself as an American, but the kids at school only see him as an Asian. His teachers don’t even know the difference. Danny is a normal teenager, except for one aspect of his life. Every year his Chinese “cousin” comes for a visit. The cousin makes so much trouble for him he always has to change schools. Each story has the same moral. Not to be ashamed of who you are and that being yourself makes you a stronger person.

I won’t give away the ending to this one. I won’t tell you how the stories intertwine. But I will say that it took me a mintue to figure out what was going on and how they all related. They do, I promise. This read just like a proverb or fable. Graphic novels are not really my thing, but this is very well done. Very thought provoking. And the medium of graphic novel is much more conducive of younger people to read it.

Happy Reading!