Repost: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

I read this a few years ago and I’m surprised, but I wrote a pretty good review!! Here it is! One down!

Junior is one of those kids that doesn’t see his own potential and only sees himself through other people’s eyes. Through this coming of age story, he learns to see himself and the possibilities that are out there for him.

Junior defies his reservation by going outside the reservation for schooling. He sees what it is like on the reservation and has big plans for his future. He doesn’t want to end up stuck like everyone else that he knows. His sister is a loner that never leaves her room, his parents are drunks (along with all the other parents on the res), and his best friend scares the crap out of him. By leaving, he learns that just because it seems like you are stuck in a situation, you control your destiny. Junior makes one major change in his life and it turns his life upside down. He leaves the res to go to a better school and changes the life of everyone on the res. His sister leaves her room and finds herself married and moved to another res, his parents become more aware of him and start paying attention to him, the people on the res are jealous of his courage to leave and end up hating him and the only one that truly stands behind him in his decision is his grandmother.

The writing in this book is so well done, that it keeps you wanting to know more and more about Junior’s life and what is going to happen to him. I hate to compare this with the Georgia Nicholson books, but it really does remind me of them. Junior is witty and humorous throughout. Alexie doesn’t leave anything out. I believed that a young male was writing this “diary” and thinking all the thoughts that were Junior’s. I definitely recommend this to all readers young and old.