I’m moving…

It’s been a while. I’ve really had to think about what I wanted to do with this blog or any blog. I honestly started disliking my use of kawzmik girl and kawzmik world. I wanted something that was more personal. I feel like I have been hiding behind the “kawzmik” and not really expressing myself as much as I have always wanted. So, in saying that I have started a whole new blog here on wordpress. allthingsrena.wordpress.com.

I am using my name and not hiding behind an alias. This for me has always been a challenge and I think that once I get going it will be great. I will still be doing book reviews on this site. I mean, it’s about me and one thing that will never change about me is my love of books, reading and reviewing.

I will also being writing about other things that interesting me. I have started baking/cooking more regularly and will be updating on that. Plus, I have begun to be a coupon-er. Saving money on food and all kinds of other things has become a hobby for me. If you haven’t been saving yet, I highly recommend it. Not only am I saving money, I’m able to buy fresher produce and healthy foods!

And speaking of healthy! I’ve recently decided that it was time for me to get healthy. Yes, it is a decision you have to make for yourself! I have started a 30 day arm challenge (I’m on day 12) and I am also doing some tai chi and cardio. I have a lot of weight to lose, but most importantly, I have a lot of daily changes that I need to make! This is a life changing adventure for me, not just a weight loss adventure.

I hope to see you any and all of you over at the new blog!



Module 15: Forever by Judy Blume

ForeverNewTitle: Forever

Author: Judy Blume

Publisher: Simon Spotlight Entertainment

Published Date: 1975


Girl wonders about love. Starts taking birth control. Meets boy. Falls in love. Has sex as teenager in high school. Summer they are apart. Will their love remain true?

APA Reference:

Blume, J. (1975). Forever. New York, NY: Simon Spotlight Entertainment.


I wish I would have read this when I was in high school. I really enjoyed reading this and having a different perspective on sex and being a female teenager.

Professional Review:

Her daughter complained that teen romance novels always ended with a girl dying from an abortion, so Judy Blume wrote Forever … The story: Boy meets girl. Thanks to the Pill, they do it–and life goes on. Blume would write it differently today. “Now,” she says, “sexual responsibility also means preventing diseases–like AIDS.”

(1994). Judy Blume turned to teen lust. People, 41(9), 38.

Library Use:

This book will be good to start a conversation about sex, teenagers and where they meet. The talk needs to start somewhere.

Module 14: Mirror Mirror by Marilyn Singer

61v-WHRXuSL__SL500_AA300_Title: Mirror Mirror

Author: Marilyn Singer

Illustrator: Josee Masse

Publisher: Penguin Group

Published Date: 2010


What is a poem? What is a poem in reverse? This artistically drawn and written book takes you to the land of fairy tales and tells you both sides of the story.

APA Reference:

Singer, M. (2010). Mirror mirror. New York, NY: Penguin Group.


I LOVED this book. I want to write poems just so I can reverse them and make new poems. You know why? Because it’s awesome!! Read this, you will be mesmerized!

Professional Review:

Gr 2-5–Marilyn Singer’s innovative book (Dutton, 2012) presents poetry based on fairy tales that can be read in two ways–the lines can be read from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Crafted in a minimalistic free verse, each set of reversible poems presents the thoughts of characters from various fairy tales. Sometimes the two poems give two points of view of the same character, while other sets represent two different characters in the same fairy tale. For example, the Cinderella poems portray Cinderella’s attitude before and during the ball, while the Red Riding Hood verses are written from the girl’s and then the wolf’s point of view. Each set of poems is illustrated with Josee Massee’s stylized acrylic artwork in rich jewel tones. She skillfully incorporates the characters of the poems and the idea of mirror images into each of her illustrations. The female parts are read by the author, while the male characters are voiced by Joe Morton. Both readers skillfully use tempo, expression, and inflection to make the meaning and feeling of the poems clear. Appropriate instrumental background music has been added to each poem. A great choice for a reading/listening center at school, or just for fun.

Cardon, D. (2011). Mirror, mirror: A book of verse in reverse. School Library Journal, 57(11), 69.

Library Use:

Poetry can be used in so many ways. Learning how to use it and read it is something that some don’t ever fully understand. Reading this book will help get kids involved in poetry.

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