Module 8: Enclave by Ann Aguirre

Book Title: Enclave

Author: Ann Aguirre

Publisher: Macmillan

Published Date: 2011


Deuce has been trained to be a hunter. Not only does she hunt for food, but the undead bodies that threathen their lives. She was born to hunt and knows nothing else. That is until she takes up for her friend and become outcast. She is now thrown out of the enclave into the open and above ground. She doesn’t know what she will face, but luckily for her Fade has gone with her. Both will face their fears, loss and new beginnings. Who will survive and who will die?

APA Reference:

Aguirre, A. (2011). Enclave. Harrisonburg, VA: Macmillan.


Loved this book. The minute I was done, I bought the not only the next book in the series, but also the novellas. Read this!! Not just for girls! It’s gruesome and gory and loads of fun!

Professional Review:

Similar in some ways to Lois Lowry’s The Giver (Houghton Mifflin, 1993), this book also begins with a naming ceremony. Unlike that peaceful, almost Utopian novel, this work focuses on the fight to survive in an underground enclave. Deuce, the female protagonist, is given the job of hunter and protector, and is paired with Fade, who has come from afar. It is only when she is paired with Fade that Deuce questions their way of life. Hunting for food outside the enclave and protecting the community from the Freaks that eat the humans, Deuce and Fade encounter many things that are forbidden, and she and Fade are exiled. Fade draws on his knowledge of life above ground. He brings Deuce to seek the land in the North. This book will appeal to readers of survival adventure. It is a good book for boys, yet there is also enough to entice a girl with forbidden romances. Set in an alternative universe after a second holocaust, this is nevertheless realistic fiction in an allegorical way.

Marcus, S. (2011). Enclave. Library Media Connection, 30(1), 65.

Library Uses:

Another book that shows a future not so bright. A good discussion on the future of humankind and the likes can be had with this lovely piece of zombie-ology!


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