Module 7: Post 1: Close to Famous by Joan Bauer

Book Title: Close to Famous

Author: Joan Bauer

Publisher: Penguin Group

Published Date: 2011


Foster can bake and finds that baking has always brought people together. Unfortunately for her, her father died in Afghanistan and ever since her mother and her haven’t had a stable life. They finally move out of Nashville and an abusive relationship that her mother is in and find out what family is outside of the normal idea. Little does she know how much her baking really means and who it brings together.

APA Reference:

Bauer, J. (2011). Close to famous. Toronto, Canada: Penguin Group.


I just recently got into baking, so I love this book. I want to be this girl and bring people together with the concoctions that I make. Good food, good storyline, good novel.

Professional Review:

When a domestic relationship turns abusive, 12-year-old Foster McKee and her mother flee Memphis, stowing whatever they can carry in their Chevy, including Foster’s treasured baking supplies and a few fresh-baked muffins for the road. Upon stumbling into the small town of Culpepper, W.Va., Foster’s baking talents win the hearts of the townspeople, among whom number such quirky and colorful personalities as Angry Wayne, Perseverance Wilson and Miss Charleena, a retired–but still very dramatic–Hollywood star. Woven throughout her baking adventures is Foster’s dream to be the Food Network’s first kid host of a cooking show, and silly scenes of Foster hamming it up for an imaginary camera punctuate the text. Amid this agreeable foolishness, heavy issues of domestic violence, mental illness, illiteracy and the pain of the recent economic downturn make themselves felt. Bauer expertly balances these grim realities with Foster’s ebullient personality and spunk, which could convince anyone that she will be able “make the world a better place one cupcake at a time.”

(2011). Close to famous. Kirkus Reviews, 79(1), 49.

Library Uses:

This can be used as a tool to show that even during hard times, you can survive and make life better for yourself.


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