Module 6: The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town by Mary Casanova

Book Title: The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town

Author: Mary Casanova

Illustrator: Ard Hoyt

Publisher: D&M Publishers, INC

Published Date: 2011


Dirk Yeller is known to be one mean guy. Anytime he comes into town her messes things up and makes people fear him. Well, Dirk Yeller has come to this town. The people don’t want him there and try to get him to leave. The only one that seems to get through to him is the librarian. I wonder why?

APA Reference:

Casanova, M. (2011). The day Dirk Yeller came to town. Dongguan City, China: D&M Publishers, Inc.


This book was awesome. To think that some people can be grouches just because they can’t read or learn is an awesome idea. Not awesome as in great, but awesome as a new idea. If we treat people kindly, there is a million possibilities as to their response.

Professional Review:

K-Gr 2 A small Western town quakes in terror at the arrival of the notorious outlaw, Dirk Yeller. Unable to fulfill his demands, adults frantically refer him to someone else, until young Sam finds a solution to Yeller’s difficulties. The child understands about being fidgety and jumpy because he often feels that way himself. He asks Yeller, “If I can show you how to stop your itchin’ and twitchin’ and your jumpin’ and rattlin’–will you promise to leave our town in peace?” Suspiciously, Yeller agrees. The solution lies at the public library, where librarian Miss Jennie finds just the right book to sooth Yeller’s restless nature. Terrific watercolor and pen and ink illustrations provide plenty of visual humor. Sure to be hit at storytime, this Wild West tale will keep children laughing as it delivers its message about the power of books.

Whitehurst, L. (2011). The day Dirk Yeller came to town. School Library Journal, 57(7), 62.

Library Uses:

This book shows how if you take the time to get to know and understand people, they aren’t what they may seem at first.


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