Module 4: Post 2: Jacob, Have I Loved by Katherine Patterson

Book Title: Jacob, Have I Loved

Author: Katherine Patterson

Publisher: HarperCollins

Published Date: 1980


Louise sees herself as the “ugly sister” always looking to her twin as the better half. She never gets what she wants, who she wants or to do the things in life that she wants. She is the son that her parents never had and takes it upon herself to help save her family from money problems.

APA Reference:

Patterson, K. (1980). Jacob, have I loved. New York, NY: HarperCollins.


I’m sorry, but I do not like this book at all. It is depressing. Louise goes through life feeling like crap, taking what she thinks she only deserves and then basically dying. Boo.

Professional Review:

Gr 5 Up–Based on the Newbery award-winning book by Katherine Paterson (Crowell, 1980), this production is faithful to the book’s plot and characterization. Though it lacks the time to provide the book’s extensive plot and character development, it makes up for this in live action drama; authentic, clear and colorful visuals of scenery filmed in Crisfield, Maryland; period artifacts and dress. The audio is crisp and clear. Through careful selection of important scenes, character interaction, rearrangement of some plot sequences, addition of a brief narrative introduction, and narrowing of the time period, the director/screenwriter has brought vivid focus to the theme of sibling rivalry between twin girls. The destructiveness of the resulting bitterness is clearly contrasted to the power of self-recognition and development of one’s own talents and potential. The characters of Louise, Call, Grandmother and Captain Wallace are well-acted and true to the book. Caroline’ s character is somewhat stilted. The section of the book dealing with Louise’s adult life is not included in the video. The film ends at the point where Captain Wallace helps Louise to recognize her own special worth and the futility of fostering her jealousy and hate for Caroline. This seems an appropriate place to end the story and gives adolescent girls, for whom the book/film will be most interesting, a special reason for reading the book. The video can be used with groups or individuals in schools or public libraries to provide a followup or motivating introduction to the book. Guidance by an adult would enhance the use of the film, but is not necessary.

Warden, B. & Mandell, P. (1991). Jacob, have I loved. School Library Journal, 37(6), 59.

Library Uses:

This book can be used as a teaching tool to not just take what life gives you and that you have earn a happy life.


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