Module 3: Post 1: Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

Book Title: Owl Moon

Author: Jane Yolen

Illustrator: John Schoenherr

Publisher: Philomel Books

Published Date: 1987


Being the youngest in the family can be hard, especially when you have older brothers and you are a girl. In Owl Moon, the father takes his daughter out with him to catch a glimpse of a great horned owl. Through pages of beautiful images, readers are taken into the woods and into the love of a father for his daughter.

APA Reference:

Yolen, J. (1987). Owl moon. New York, NY: Philomel Books.


This book was so awesome. I loved the images of the girl and her father. Plus, the idea that the father would take the time to spend with his daughter doing the same things with her as he would with his sons.

Professional Review:

Owl Moon describes the story of a father who takes his daughter into the snowy nighttime forest on an owling adventure for the very first time. They have an unforgettable experience when they are surprised by a Great Horned Owl. The story is filled with hope that something wonderful just may happen—and then it does.

Brodie, C. S. (2009). Jane Yolen’s owl moon. School Library Media Activities Monthly, 25(5), 31-33.

Library Uses:

This would be good to use in a program with fathers and daughters.


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