Module 2: Post 1: Corduroy by Don Freeman

Book Title: Corduroy

Author: Don Freeman

Illustrator: Don Freeman

Pubisher: Viking Press

Published Date: 1968


Corduroy has been stuck on the shelf for a very long time. So long, that he’s even lost one of his buttons!! He keeps getting passed up by all the little children, because he isn’t perfect like all the other toys and bears. That is…until the perfect little child sees Corduroy and falls in love with him. Corduroy has finally found his home.

APA Reference:

Freeman, D. (1968). Corduroy. New York: Viking Press.


I thought this was a cute book. I would definitely read this to my child (if I ever have one) and to those that come into the library. It shows children that perfection isn’t everything. Just because Corduroy doesn’t have all of his buttons or doesn’t look the best out of all the toys doesn’t mean he isn’t lovable. In fact, he is one of the best bears in the store. This is a great lesson to learn.

Professional Review:

Corduroy: 40th Anniversary Edition

by Don Freeman

Original sketches, editor’s letters, and an early draft make this special edition of the classic 3 lasting treasure. Penguin, $20. Age 3 and up.

Buchanan, C. (2008). Corduroy: 40th anniversary edition. Scholastic Parent & Child, 15(6), 26.

Library Uses:

This is a good book to use as a learning tool. It shows that kids can change their lives on their own with some creativity. It also tells them to look deeper at people then just what is on the outside.


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