Sold by Patricia McCormick

Title: Sold

Author: Patricia McCormick

Publisher: Hyperion

Published Date: 2006

Lakshmi is a 13 year old girl from the hills of Nepal. Her family is poor. They do not wear shoes, they spin their own clothes and they sometimes go hungry for weeks. When a woman arrives at their house suggesting her mother and step-dad send her to the city to be a maid, Lakshmi jumps at the chance to work and send her family money. When she leaves with her “Auntie” the further out they get from home and the more cities they pass through the wearier Lakshmi becomes. She finally stops, after switching through two other people at The Happiness House. Here she learns what it means to be a woman, deceit and finally freedom.

My first thought to this is how in the world could a family sell their children? I know I’m not form this part and I have never known what it is like to be starving. To be that hungry and poor. I can’t even imagine. Another thing I can’t imagine…being sold to become a prostitute. These young girls do not get to have a childhood. And what makes it worse…are there really that many men that want to have sex with 12 or 13 year olds? The ending…I want to know more. How does she cope? Does she become successful? Does she have a family of her own? Ahhh…tell me more!

Happy Reading!



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