Grandfather’s Journey by Allen Say

Title: Grandfather’s Journey

Author: Allen Say

Illustrator: Allen Say

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Co

Published Date: 1993

Grandfather’s Journeyis about a young Japanese boy telling the story of his grandfather. His grandfather lived in a small village in Japan and had big dreams. He went to American and saw the new world and fell in love. Although he enjoyed living in California, there was always a piece of him that missed the land of his childhood. Grandfather eventually returned to Japan with intentions to visit California again. Unfortunately Grandfather never made it back. The young boy then set out to see America for himself. He too fell in love with the New World. And just like his Grandfather, he was never satisfied being in one world. There was always a longing to be either in America or Japan. He and his Grandfather had a connection long after Grandfather passed.

I really enjoyed this. I, too, can understand that longing for the land of your childhood. America’s beginning consisted of immigrants from all over. This tells the story of a Japanese family, but I think this story can be related to any ethnic group. But that is not all this story is about. Connecting with grandparents and family is another theme in the book. To be able to see the world like your grandfather did is amazing. It is almost like seeing the world through their eyes. I can only imagine how intense a feeling that is.

The illustrations are done by the author (which is totally awesome)! I really liked the portraits of the family. It really connects the artwork to the story. It made me feel like I knew the characters more. Plus, the artwork is pretty great.

Happy Reading!



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