Goin’ Someplace Special by Patricia C. McKissack

Title: Goin’ Someplace Special

Author: Patricia C. McKissack

Illustrator: Jerry Pinkney

Publisher: Anne Schwarz Book

Published Date: 2001

This is a story about ‘Tricia Ann and her Gbrandmother. ‘Tricia Ann lives in a time when segregation was in full bloom. Jim Crow laws kept black people in the back of the bus, back of the theater and out of shops and hotels. ‘Tricia Ann had a special place she liked to go. Now that she was twelve her Grandmother let her go there on her own. She had all kinds of troubles getting there. But once she was there, she was in her happy place.

Great story about the hardships of just going out in public during segregation. All this little girl was trying to do was go to her Someplace Special. And she had to endure getting kicked out of places, not even being let in and nasty looks from passerbys. Once she made it though. It was all worth it. The best part…that Someplace Special was the public library. On the building it said, All Are Welcome. Awesome!

Happy Reading!



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