Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding by Lenore Look

Title: Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding

Author: Lenore Look

Illustrator: Yumi Heo

Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Published Date: 2006

Jenny is upset. Her Uncle Peter is getting married and leaving her behind. She will no longer be his number one girl. As Uncle Peter starts getting ready for the wedding ceremonies, Jenny tries to find ways to keep the wedding from happening. She doesn’t take part in the stories about Uncle Peter, she has a bad attitude about going to pick up her soon-to-be aunt, she tries taking Uncle Peter’s hand and walking away with him, she even cries during family photos. At last, she can’t take it anymore and tells her mom how she is feeling. Her mom tells her it is ok to feel sad, but that Uncle Peter is going to be much happier now. This doesn’t really make Jenny feel any better, but something does happen that does just that! Her new Aunt Stella takes her aside and asks her to open a box. When Jenny peeks inside butterflies stream out of the box. Aunt Stella has trusted her for this traditional task and tells her how much she loves her. Aunt Stella also tells her how glad she is to be able to share Uncle Peter with her. In the end, Jenny welcomes Aunt Stella to the family.

Jenny is like any typical child that thinks their brother/uncle/sister/aunt will be taken away by school/job/marriage/kids. She doesn’t trust that things will stay the same. And in the end she realizes that she is gaining an aunt and things will be even better! I really enjoyed the insider information on Chinese weddings. But I wouldn’t have known this was about the Chinese culture if it hadn’t been for the title.

The illustrations are nice, but aren’t that great. You can’t really tell what ethnic group the characters belong to. Only some of the clothing reminds you of some from of Asian culture. I don’t know if this was done on purpose, but it would have been nice to have more Chinese culture illustrated. It would go along more with the story.

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