Dona Flor by Pat Mora

Title: Dona Flor

Author: Pat Mora

Illustrator: Raul Colon

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf

Published Date: 2005

Dona Flor was born a normal person. Her mother would sing to the flowers and make them grow and grow. So when her mother sang to her, she also grew and grew. At first all of the villagers were scared of her. But in time they saw she had a big heart and would ask for favors. Sometimes if they were late, they would ask her to carry them. It only took her one step to get them where they needed to be. One day the villagers came to her and asked her to take care of the beast that was in the hills. When she went to the hills she found a small puma cat roaring into a hollow branch. She took so long talking with the puma that the villagers came to rescue her. But she didn’t need rescuing! She had made friends with the puma and the villagers didn’t have to scared anymore.

This was really cute. This is a myth tale that is told in English with some Spanish language words also intertwined. This takes place in the American Southwest and has hints of Mexican culture. The illustrations are really pretty. Everything flows together like the story flows. There are no sharp edges to any of the art. It really brings out the life of the story. No bright colors, just soft flowing images.

Happy Reading!



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