Title: Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match/Marisol McDonald no combina

Author: Monica Brown

Illustrator: Sara palacios

Publisher: Children’s Book Press

Published Date: 2011

Marisol McDonald is of Peruvian and Scottish-American decent. She has brown skin and hair the color of fire. Her imagination is out of this world. She dresses in green polka dots with purple stripes. Everything about her just does not match. One of her classmates asks her why she doesn’t match. So, Marisol decides that she will start matching. The next day she goes to school with matching clothes. She plays pirates and doesn’t add anything else to it. She draws a normal house. By the end of the day, Marisol is bored out of her mind. She doesn’t like matching. Her art teacher asks her why she is being different. Marisol tells her the story of not matching. On her way home, Marisol opens a note from her art teacher telling her that matching is not what life is about. She also says that Marisol is an awesome person the way she was and doesn’t have to change for other people. She is perfect the way she is.

This story is so awesome! I love that she is of mixed races and doesn’t match. No one is what they appear to be, on the inside or the outside. And that is totally ok! It only takes one person to make someone feel great about themselves. Just like the art teacher did for Marisol. If more people had that attitude, children would embrace their differences.

The illustrations are pretty awesome. To see Marisol, with her brown skin and fiery red hair is great! She does look like she does not match. But she’s so cute anyway! Watching her be her mismatched self and then trying to match is upsetting. You don’t want her to try to be like everyone else. She was awesome all mismatched and confident!

Happy Reading!



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