Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner

          Title: Skippyjon Jones

          Author: Judy Schachner

          Illustrator: Heather Wood

          Publisher: Dutton Children’s Books

          Published Date: 2003

     One word sums up this book: Cute! Not only do I own a siamese cat, Samurai, but there is this cute little boy that comes into my work and his name is John Jones. And of course, his nickname is skippyjon!

     Skippyjon Jones is not only a cat. No, he is whatever his imagination can dream of! Not even his mother’s scolding can make him be just a cat. Some days he is a bird or mouse and even a dog! He doesn’t care that other people see him as only a cat. His imaginaton lets him be anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

     This frisky kitty is so cute! I love how he doesn’t care what other people think of him. Not even his family. This really teaches kids that it doesn’t matter who you were born to be, who you want to be is more important. Stereotypes is the theme to this book. And boy does it blast those stereotypes out of this world! A must read for any parent wanting to teach their children that they can be or do anything! The illustrations are fantastic! Really makes Skippyjon’s imagination come to life!

Happy Reading!



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