Matched by Ally Condie

Yay! I can read again!! I don’t have to study…for now.  And I picked up THE optimal choice!!

What a refreshing read. I completely enjoyed this. I love dystopian worlds and this truly is a dystopia. It may seem like the optimal of all worlds, but in the end free choice is always the best.

Cassia (pronounced Kesha, which is freaking awesome! I love this name), is the protagonist of the story. She has decided to be one of the citizens to be matched. What this means, is that after she turns 17 she will be put in the matched database and her optimal mate will be picked for her. A match ceremony is held and the matches are televised throughout the cities and this is when they first meet. After the match ceremony the officials then plan dates for the matchees.

Just from writing that, I know that I could never have lived in this world. I would have been killed or kicked out. I mean, come on…you can’t even go on dates by yourselves?

Well, like any dystopian novel, the protagonist finds a fault in the system and decides to stand up for what she believes. Cassia is just that heroine.  Between losing her grandfather, the optimal job, family and a love triangle, she realizes that life is much more than probability.

MUST READ!! This is the 1984 of our times. Pure awesomeness!


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