Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

This was a beautiful sequel to an excellent series.

In the first book, Beautiful Creatures, we meet Ethan and Lena. Ethan is a mortal boy who has been dreaming of Lena, a Caster. Set in the small town of Gaitlin South Carolina, they finaly meet and strange things start to happen to both of them.

In this sequel, Ethan and Lena have fallen in love. The only thing that keeps them apart is mortals and casters can not be together. Lena, feels like she is the cause of her uncle’s (Macon) death and starts to turn dark. Ethan wants nothing more than to be with Lena, but has to go through hell and back to bring her back to him. He must face the ghost of his mother, her past, the caster world and its tunnels and most importantly his feelings will be put to the test.

I enjoyed this sequel more than I did the first. This is a surprise to me, it is usually the other way around. It makes me even more excited to have the the third book in the series come out!!!


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