Torment by Lauren Kate

Back in action, Daniel and Cam have made a truce for all Angels and Demons. They must protect Luce at all costs. She must survive past 17.

Luce is in love with Daniel. She loves him more and more with every new life that she lives, but is that enough? She realizes she doesn’t know much about anything that is going on. Daniel keeps her in the dark. He has made her leave her home in Georgia and moved her to a new school in California called Shoreline. Here she finds that there are many angels and nephillim that go to this school. Finally she is being taught about her past. She is also told about the shadows called announcers. But what she finds in these announcers confuse her even more. They show past events and give her clues to what her past lives have been like.

Luce is confused. Is Daniel the one? Is he really what she wants? There is a new boy in her life, Miles. He is nice, cares for her and doesn’t keep secrets. He is everything Daniel is not.

This is a great sequel to Fallen. We get more love triangle that kind of turns from Daniel and Cam to Daniel and Miles. So many questions are asked in this book…but we don’t get very many. Cliff hangers galore. I love it!


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