The Ugly Truth and Julie & Julia

I went to the movies the other day…with my bestest pally. We did this double movie thing. And it was awesome!!! We saw Julie & Julia and The Ugly Truth. I had a blast!! I love both movies!!!

The Ugly Truth was hilarious!!! We saw that one first. Yes, it’s a chick flick…but with dirty guy humor!! I think guys would actually like this film. Maybe I’m stretching it a little for that, but it’s worth a try. I absolutely LOVE Gerard Butler!

gerardbutler Can you say yummy? I definitely can!!! The only thing that I can really complain about in this movie; where was his lovely accent? I miss his accent!!!! I could stare at this man all day long. Shoot, I could listen to him talk all day long. I absolutely loved…I know I keep saying the word love with this man…his accent in the movie P.S. I Love You. As sad as that movie was, I would watch it over and over just to see and hear him. Is that pathetic? Yes. Do I care? No. And the greatest thing about this guy…is that he keeps making more movies!!! Ha! I can’t wait for Gamer to come out. I’m not too impressed with the whole plot of the movie, but I’m willing to sit through it at least once just to see this man in it. I know I can’t help it. He’s hot and sexy.

Speaking about the movie again…I really like Katherine Heigl as an actress too. She’s really pretty, but not overly so. I liked her ever since she was in (back then WB now CW) Roswell TV show. If you’ve never seen that show…oh man…look into it. It was one of the better shows. Jason Behr was in it…yeah…hotness…drool.

Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia was a movie that I really needed to see. Not that I’m this big up and coming cook or anything. But it really got me motivated. Which is a good thing. I didn’t really expect to be inspired by the movie, but I was. It inspired me to do something with my life and not just sit back. I’ve been entertaining this whole blogging thing for some time. I just ouldn’t ever seem to find my niche. Well, why do I have to have a niche? Yes, Julie & and Julia is about cooking and finding out what she wanted out of life with that. Well, I’m into a little more things than just cooking. Although, cooking s something that I really look forward to learning how to do more of….but I have a lot of interests. I might as well share some of that with people. But I also have a lot of weird things happen to me…on a mostly day to day basis. I can use this as a way to chronicle my life. Plus, it just helps me with my writing.

Amy Adams and Meryl Streep were awesome in this movie!! Especially Meryl Streep. She did a great Julia Childs. I remember, when my dad was alive, on the weekends there seemed to never be anything on TV. We almost always ended up on some cooking channel and more likely than not it was with Julia Childs. I wonder how long it took Meryl Streep to get all the details that made Julia Childs. Something else I’ve been wondering, as well, is if Amy Adams wore a wig. She definitely wasn’t the prettiest she’s ever been in this movie, but that’s what I liked about it. She was normal. Still way prettier than most, but she looked like someone that you could see on your corner.

Julie & Julia…a must see…not just for those people needing motivation. It’s a good movie about finding yourself and being able to make things happen. See it…let me know if it made you feel the same way. And “BON APPETITE!!!”


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