New Artist

I happened on a new artist the other day…her name is Kelly Rae Roberts. Her stuff is fantastic! I love the collage look of her work and the fact that her pieces also have words in them.

I went to a local store in town with my mom and the minute I saw her work I just stood there for a few minutes staring at it. It was so great! I have bare white walls in my room right now and have been looking for something awesome to put up and I finally found what I was looking for!! It’s so great!

I ended up getting two of her pieces because they were the last two in the shop and I didn’t want to leave and not be able to get them again. It was fate… had to be.

The first one I got is called Embrace Change

I love this one…I like the surrealistic-ness of all of her pieces. I have a thing for faeries and the wings on her girls are awesome too!!

The second piece I bought is entitled Tell Your Story

I like the messages that are being sent in these two pieces. Also, the vivid colors and fantastical feel. All of her collection just speaks to me.

Here is a link to her website


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