The Everafter by Amy Huntley

This has to be the most unique book I’ve read in a LONG time. I would never have even thought about this idea. It’s great.

From the land she calls, “Is”, Madison Stanton is trying to figure out where she is, what she is, and how she got here. She has no body, no voice, no feeling. She knows she must be dead, but she doesn’t want to leave the living. She has in front of her objects that she lost at some point in her life. By touching the items she realizes that she can go back to that time and relive her life. The craziest thing is, she can’t go past the age of 17. Does that mean she died at such a young age? Where are her family? She doesn’t even know the sex of her older sisters baby. And worst of all…who killed her?

I really enjoyed getting the story from the “spirit” or “ghost” of Madison. I also liked going back to places that she lost something. A pair of keys, a rattle, a bracelet. It didn’t matter what it was, but it took her back to relive her life. Not until she realized that there were other spirits there with her, did she realize that she didn’t have to relive her life, but could be a separate entity in that moment of her life.

The idea that we can change events in our lives even after our passing is an interesting thought. The entire book made me think about the afterlife and I enjoyed Huntley’s view of what it might contain. Very interesting.


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