Royal Blood by Ellen Schreiber

This is the 6th out of the Vampire Kisses series. And I have to say, there isn’t much to these books, but they are addictive and fantastic. They are like little shots of goth vampire-y goodness!

In this book, Raven doesn’t face any enemies or foes. No hidden agendas, hairy situations or danger. The only danger she is facing is the loss of her beloved teenage vampire.

Out of nowhere, Alexander gets mail from his parents telling him that they are coming to visit. Raven finally get to meet the vampire family of her dreams. Nothing can ruin her mood now. Well, except for the English essay she is assigned with are arch nemesis Trevor Mitchell. At least, that’s what she thought.

With Alexander’s immortal family in town, Raven finds that she wants to become a vampire even more than before. Mr. and Mrs. Sterling are her dream of what parents should be; Gothic style, regal appearances and they could care less of what other people think of them. The only problem? They want to take Alexander home to Romania. Now, all Raven needs is the perfect plan to keep him in Dullsville.

I really enjoyed just the day to day of this book. There wasn’t some big life defying problem that had to be solved. It was something that almost every teenager and adult can relate to. The ending not only was smart, but ingenious to adding more in the series.


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