Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough

Once again, I find myself liking a book that I thought I wouldn’t. Funny thing about this is I go out looking for books like this. It’s so much fun reading a book almost hoping to not like it, and then find that you do. I’m a nerd like that. Yes, I know.

So, on with the review! I have to say that the beginning of the book. Say, the first half, was really slow. I definitely think that there could have been less back story and more action. But the second half went really fast and I enjoyed it a lot.

It is a little cliche. I mean, it’s the classic story. Girl has problem, drama arises with problem, something happens to fix the problem, drama about that, and then its done. Oh and on the way girl finds guy from the past. But…the whole witch thing was interesting. I liked the fact that there was time travel. It wasn’t the greatest book or anything, but it was worth the read.

All in all a great first book. Wonder what else the author will write about. Oh, and I almost forgot!!! I loved the main characters name, Tamsin. Very Wicca-ish!


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