Evernight by Claudia Gray

I really wanted to like this book. It has a good plot, good characters and even good description…the thing that threw me off was that it was so jumpy. Let me explain…


~~ Spoiler Alert~~

At the beginning of the novel, Biannca (our protagonist) is confused on why she’s had to move to a new school. Especially one so secluded and uppity. And we, as readers, go along and think these things to. Well, almost half way into the novel we still don’t know what is going on. Why are things so weird at this school. And then BAM!! next chapter Bianca knows everything this entire time. We have been kept in the dark this whole time, when the main character ( who’s pov the entire novel is based on) has known, but acted like she hasn’t. I’m sorry but this makes the story a little hard to follow. It discredits the narrator throughout the whole thing. How do we know what she’s thinking/feeling/saying is actually true? Is that the point of this novel? From the rest of the novel, this doesn’t seem the case.

Another big jump in the story is when we find out her boyfriend, Lucas, has been a vampire hunter the whole time. And no one knows, it almost seems like he doesn’t know until the author seems to think, “oh, here’s a good place to add that this character is a vampire hunter and start some drama in the novel”.

~~End of Spoiler Alert~~

Ok, even though I have these semi-mega concerns about the novel. It had a good idea and almost…almost made it. If it weren’t for those huge jumps and maybe we were given some details on the backgrounds in parts of the novel, instead of just day to day detail, we would have been on the same page as the author and the characters.

Alot of reviews that I’ve read compare this book to Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, but I would have to thoroughly disagree. No way could the development of the stories compare on the smallest degree. The characters are completely different…the plots are different and the structure of Meyer’s work is so thought out and complete that Ms. Gray could only dream of Evernight getting close to it. I hate to be so negative about a book, especially because it takes a lot of time and love to complete a novel, but hopefully Gray’s potential will keep reader’s of Evernight coming back for at least one more try and not scare them away.


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