Princess Mia by Meg Cabot

My first review for the site. YAY! I’m actually getting something done! heheheFor those of you who are familiar with the Princess Diaries books, then this book has been something you’ve been waiting to get your hands on. Are Mia and Michael meant to be together or will someone close to her be the true love of her life?

Mia has broken up with Michael and is really regretting it. She doesn’t know how she could have let the love of her life go, even though he didn’t tell her about having sex with Judith Gersherner, the fruit fly cloner.

All Mia wants is to get a phone call from Michael saying that he loves her and will take her back. While she waits for this live changing call, she sinks into a depression that no one can get her out of, except herself.

With her best friend Lily ignoring her, her Grandmere intent on making her make a fool of herself in front of 2000 of the most prestigious women on the continent, boy troubles, a secret diary and no one to talk to, Mia has to find her inner strength to reach out of the pit of dispair she has found herself in and find who she really is. Can she do it or will her world come crashing down all around her?

I found this a good addition to the series. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get more answers to what is going to happen in our favorite fictional princess’ life. BUT I’m also glad that we didn’t, because now she’ll have to keep writing more books! That’s always a plus!


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